The Little Dripper is a ceramic coffeemaker that highlights two beloved brewing styles: the sweetness and clarity of pour over filter coffee, and the full-bodied mouthfeel of immersion brewing.

Designed and handmade in Portland, Oregon, there's more to this coffeemaker than meets the eye...

Quality - The Little Dripper is a durable piece of ceramic serveware, handmade by artisans in the USA. With proper care the Little Dripper will last a lifetime.

Sweetness - Flat bottom filters promote even extraction, accent sweetness, and highlight each coffee’s subtle characteristics. 

Air Flow - The Little Dripper’s interior walls are modeled with exaggerated “accordion-style” flutes. The fluted edges work to separate the coffee filter from the edge of the brewer, promoting increased air flow and providing improved temperature stability that insulates the brew with channels of warm air.

Body - Brew holes help dictate the rate at which water flows through the coffee bed. The Little Dripper's brew holes serve to pull water through the coffee bed, allowing for steady draining, thus permitting a coarser grind and contributing to the forgiving nature of the device. Minimization of turbulence results in decreased agitation, and produces a cup that is rich and full.

Ease of Use - The Little Dripper is built to work flawlessly without the need for additional brewing equipment. 

Aesthetic Design - The result is a stylish, handcrafted, and modern design, rooted in the belief and benefit of creating something special with your own hands.